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Hi, I’m Nicci O’Mara

I’m the founder of Trip Chiefs and creator of Family Trips Made Easy. I teach busy parents how to make it easier to take amazing trips with their kids, so they can save time, money and stress. How? By teaching them my step-by-step process that takes out the guesswork, and gives them all the resources and tools they’ll need. 

What’s my background?

For over 23 years I’ve worked in Marketing Communications for small and medium businesses, large corporations, government, universities, schools, and not-for-profits. I’ve recently established my second marketing consultancy, On the Map Communication. In 2016 I turned my sights to the topic I love most when I established family travel blog Travel with Boys, and in 2018 when I established Trip Chiefs.

I would love you to join me as an affiliate.

Family Trips Made Easy

Family Trips Made Easy is a six-week online course designed for busy parents. Each week, content is dripped out to help parents conquer a different aspect of travel, through my video tutorials, workbooks, resources, and checklists.

My goal is to make it easier for parents, so I give them the step-by-step information and tools they need to start taking action straight away.

My focus is on the “how to” not the “where to”. But in saying that, I do help parents to find the destination information they need, whether it be from a travel agent, major publication, tourism body, or family travel blogger.

There is core content to bring those parents who’ve never travelled before, up to speed on the basics of getting past obstacles stopping them from travelling, learn how to make travel a priority, and choose a destination. From there, I teach six modules with three to four lessons per module. These modules cover money, planning, getting there and around, international essentials, flying, and taking a trip.

Members also get exclusive access to a private Facebook group where they can interact and ask questions. There are also twice monthly live Q&A’s in this Facebook group.

Family Trips Made Easy opens for enrolment on 23 May 2019 and then again in around August and November 2019.

Here’s some feedback from parents who have done the course.

“You’ve done all the work for me! Instead of having to go to heaps of different websites to find each piece of information, it was all there in the course, step-by-step. It was clear, quick and easy to do, and the bonus is I can revisit it once I get closer to leaving on our trip.

I thought I knew everything I needed to know but there were so many things I hadn’t thought of. I was so wrapped up in the big stuff like flights, that I was forgetting all the crucial little details – time savers, mind savers and financial savers.”

Helen Lange, Mum of 2

“Trip Chiefs is an excellent course. I thought I could find all the info for my upcoming trip to Canada from friends, family and my travel agent. However, when I dived into the course there were so many things I hadn’t thought of. Trip Chiefs consolidates everything into the one spot so you know what you need to do next and where to find it. A must for anyone planning a trip with children!”
Dahlas Fletcher, Mum of 3

Here are some screenshots inside the 2018 beta-version of the course. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Generous commissions – affiliates earn 40% of every sale from people they refer to Family Trips Made Easy which currently sells at US$127.
  • You receive your commission via PayPal automatically 14 days after any payment as long as the member hasn’t requested a refund in the 7-day refund period. PayPal may deduct fees from your payment which are your responsibility.
  • The cookie duration is 60 days, to give your audience time to go through the sales funnel while providing you with the commission.
  • You will generate commission from your link as long as it’s your link that was the last affiliate link they clicked, they haven’t cleared their cookies and have used the same browser to order.
  • All payments are in USD.

Become a Trip Chiefs Affiliate Now

How I help you promote

  • I can do live chats with you and your audience on Facebook. Email me if you want a slot before or during enrolment week (which is 23 to 30 May) and to discuss topics.
  • I’ll send you through email and swipe copy to save you time, with ideas for emails and ready-made graphics to promote.
  • Low-pressure sales funnel – you can refer your audience to free resources including the workshop, and get commissions if they convert to sales later
  • And most importantly – your audiences will gain the tools and skills to make it easier to take more amazing trips with their kids. 

What you need to do

  1. Sign up HERE to become an affiliate (please note you MUST have a PayPal Business account before signing up)
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions on the sign-up page (also found HERE)
  3. Create your own Affiliate ID 
  4. Confirm your email address with ThriveCart – this is the system where you are signing up and that collects payments and pays commissions.
  5. Integrate your PayPal business account (mandatory) with your affiliate account in Thrive Cart.
  6. Once approved by me, you’ll receive an email with your swipe file and tips to help you promote as they become available. Make sure you open this email.
  7. I’ll add you to my affiliate email list so that I can send you any updates, promotions, and important dates.
  8. Start promoting! Encourage your audience to sign up to the workshop which will run in mid-May, to download one of the free opt-ins, register for the waitlist, or on the sales page when enrolments happen. Your job is to get the RIGHT people to Trip Chiefs and we take care of the rest.

Questions? Send me an email [email protected]

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