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Tips to make the most of your time at Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world to take your family and is a must-see when you’re in Singapore. Visiting a zoo in Asia’s tropical climate requires a little more planning than usual, so to ensure you have the best time here is our Singapore Zoo review.

With our top Singapore Zoo tips, you’ll know what to take, when to go plus more, so you can have the best day out.

1. Best time to visit Singapore Zoo

Singapore is close to the equator so temperatures are hot and humid with average temperatures of 26 to 27°C all year round. Singapore is at its driest in the middle of the year, while November to January are the wettest months.

If you can manage it, try to visit Singapore Zoo during the week as it is usually busier on weekends.

2. Arrive early to Singapore Zoo

We arrived at 8.30am and spent five hours at the zoo which was fantastic. It was good to arrive early as it is a bit cooler and there weren’t as many people. The crowds started flowing in around late morning, especially on weekends. We were all exhausted by the end from a day of sightseeing in the heat, with jetlag to top it off. If you’re up for it, you could easily spend the whole day here.

3. Have breakfast with the orang utans

One of the best things we did at Singapore Zoo with the kids was to have breakfast with the orang utans. Never has meal time been so fun, educational and entertaining. 

Breakfast at our house often looks like there have been wild animals at the table, so we knew we’d feel right at home having breakfast with the orangutans at Singapore Zoo. This, however, is one breakfast we will never forget, for all the right reasons.

Singapore Zoo is the only place in the world where you can have breakfast with orangutans! Imagine sitting at a dining table enjoying a buffet breakfast with your family and watching the orangutans make their way through the trees to their platform right in front of you.

There is plenty on offer to keep you and the kids happy for breakfast, with a wide array of local and international dishes available. To make the most of your time there, get there early so you have time to eat before the orangutans arrive.

The buffet breakfast is comparable in food, drink, and cost to having a buffet breakfast in a four-star hotel in Singapore.

Once breakfast is over, you’ll get to find out all about the orangutans and line up to have your photo taken with them. Make sure you take your camera as you are able to take your own photos. Alternatively, you can buy the professional photos the Zoo takes.

To make sure no one gets bored in the lineup, staff bring around a young python for those brave enough to hold.

Sadly orangutans’ are now critically endangered due to their rainforest habitats disappearing from deforestation and land clearing for pulp paper and palm oil plantations. Breakfast is a great way to experience these magnificent animals and help them at the same time.

TIP: While we’re talking about orang utans, whatever you do, don’t stand underneath them at the free ranging area next to Orang utan Island or you just might end up being showered in pee! Urgh!

4. Plan your day at Singapore Zoo

Plan your day so you have the opportunity to see some of the wonderful animal shows where you can learn from the keepers about the animals and their habitats. Try and stick around after the shows as you may just get the chance to have a photo with one of the animals.

There are also animal feedings you can take part in during the day where you can purchase food and feed the animals at specific times with the help of a zoo keeper. Check your zoo guide for the most updated times.

5. There is always a chance of rain

Bring a raincoat or umbrella as there is always a chance of rain in Singapore. There are lots of sheltered areas which you can stand under but you probably don’t want to get stuck in the one place for too long. It rained a few times while we were at the Zoo in June but the short showers didn’t cause us any problems. If anything it cooled us down. If you forget your raincoat you can always buy a poncho at one of the gift stores.

6. Take water for everyone

Don’t underestimate the amount of water you will drink in the hot and humid conditions. Head to Ah Meng Bistro and just near RepTopia to fill up your water bottles at the filtered water dispensers. It’s much cheaper than buying it plus you help the environment and the animals.

If you forget, there is water available to buy in cafes and kiosks. Take extra water as it is a huge zoo and we sometimes were nowhere near a cafe or kiosk when our water ran out. There are a lot of drink vending machines around but they only have soft drink (even though one bottle looks like water but instead is an electrolyte drink).

7. Protect yourself from insects and sun

Put on sunscreen before you leave the hotel as it’s easier without the humidity to contend with. If you burn easily you will need to reapply during your visit. Hats are a must and bring along sunglasses if you use them. Being in a jungle setting, there is plenty of shade.

The thought of mixing sunscreen, insect spray and humidity didn’t really appeal to us, so we tried out mosquito bands and found they worked really well. The zoo has in place preventative measures to reduce the mosquito population, so the problem isn’t bad. You will still however need to use mosquito spray or bands.

8. Hire a stroller or wagon to get around Singapore Zoo

There are several options for getting around Singapore Zoo. It is easy to walk around the entire zoo, however if you have young children or ones that tire easily, you may want to consider hiring a stroller or a wagon. There are paved pathways throughout the majority of the park, which are accessible by stroller and wheelchair. Wheelchairs are available at the park entrance free of charge.

If you’re sick of pushing, pulling or dragging your boys, hop on a guided tram ride. Cost around $5 per adult and $3 per child for unlimited rides.

9. What to wear to Singapore Zoo

If you’re not used to life in the tropics, you’ll find that a day outside in the wrong clothes and shoes will make things very uncomfortable. Looser cotton clothing works best, as it can breath. While lightweight shoes with socks are really good at absorbing moisture, and not rubbing or making your feet too hot.

Make sure you bring swimmers for the kids so they can enjoy the water playground at Rainforest Kidzworld. They’ll love the opportunity to cool down and have fun.

10. Nappy changing and feeding

You’ll be pleased to know that Singapore Zoo has several nappy changing facilities and rooms for nursing. Take a look at the park map for locations.

11. Save money and time by buying your tickets online

Save money off the ticket price when you buy your tickets online. It will also save you having to line up which is a real pain. We bought ours directly from Singapore Zoo online but you can buy elsewhere.

We loved our visit to Singpore Zoo and would definietly go back if we had the chance. I hope you liked my tips and review for Singapore Zoo.


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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure statement