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Your Ultimate Guide to Adelaide with Kids

Adelaide was recently voted as the world’s fifth most liveable city and was in the top five must-see regions in the world. Yes, IN THE WORLD! So it’s true that you really need to visit it. We swear that you won’t regret it as there are so many great things to do in Adelaide with kids.

Located at the bottom of Australia, Adelaide is home to almost two million people. It’s cosmopolitan, coastal, cultural and very cool. Brimming with family-friendly stuff to do, it’s a great place to visit for the kids, both little and big.

First things first: it is a wine lover’s dream destination. Encircling Adelaide in almost every direction are world-class vineyards (McLaren Vale, Coonawarra, Clare Valley). But don’t go thinking visiting a vineyard is just for the adults – most wineries cater for children with tours, activities and food just for them. Many are easy drives for day trips or wend your way from winery to winery over a weekend.

Adelaide has also been called the city of churches. Kids might roll their eyes at having to visit a church for recreation, but there really are some magnificent ones in the city. Pick one or two, and then call it a day. The beach, the museums, the parks, the suburbs, the outdoor adventures… you could never get bored in Adelaide with kids.

Now, do you get why Adelaide is up there with the world’s best?

Things to do with kids in Adelaide

The Adelaide Zoo and its neighbour, the Botanic Gardens, will take up a whole day (mind you, half of it will be watching the pandas at play. Seriously cute.) In keeping with the animal theme, take a swimming safari with sharks, seals, dolphins or whales, it’s up to you. The Big Pelican (actually, there are two…), The Big Olives, Rooey II (the big kangaroo), The Big Ant and the Big Rocking Horse. There are a lot of “big” icons in Adelaide to check out.

Glenelg is crammed with kids activities. It’s a great beachside suburb to visit for a day with awesome café options, lots of beach activities and indoor play gyms to choose from.

There are so many things for kids to do in Adelaide, you shouldn’t have any problems keeping them busy and interested. And when you’ve seen what you want to in Adelaide, then it’s not far to the incredible destination of Kangaroo Island.

Where to stay in Adelaide with kids

If you are looking to stay in Adelaide with kids then the beachside suburb of Glenelg offers up some of the best family apartments and hotels in our opinion, and most with friendly prices. Our favourites are Seawall Apartments, Oaks Plaza Pier, Oaks Liberty Towers, Lights Landing Apartments or the Stamford Grand Adelaide.  


Know before you go to Adelaide with kids

Eating in Adelaide

Cheese. And wine. And tapas. Sure, there are plenty of food options in traditional restaurants and cafes, but a lot of them are also catering for bite-sized, lazy afternoons sipping wine and watching the kids at play. Now that sounds like a holiday! Take a look at The Urban Lists top spots to eat in Adelaide.

Getting from Adelaide airport

About 15 minutes from the heart of Adelaide, the Adelaide Airport offers plenty of options for getting in and out. Adelaide Metro offers an express double-decker bus service (JetExpress) to and from the city while JetBus services Glenelg, West Beach and the CBD. Single trip tickets can be purchased straight from the driver. Read more on Adelaide airports transport options.

Public transport Adelaide

There are buses, trains and trams in Adelaide and tickets can be purchased for single-use or day-tripping (for use with all forms of public transport) using a Metrocard. Economically priced, any one of the public transport options will get you where you want to go. Plan your trip here.

Driving in Adelaide

Adelaide is a pretty cruisey place to get around in when you’re driving. Street signs are highly visible and roads and freeways are well laid out, making it super easy for holidaymakers to get around. If you need to hire a car, we’ve found the best place to book is through as they provide highly competitive prices for all the major car rental companies plus they make it easy to see what is and isn’t covered in the price.  

Parking in Adelaide

Long-term and short-term parking is everywhere in Adelaide. Best to check out where you are going and find the most convenient parking station. Street parking is easy, but like all major cities, can be expensive if you are staying for longer than a few hours. Read more about parking in Adelaide city.

Adelaide Weather

Layer it up in winter, and then peel them off in summer. Winters are cold, cold, cold and summers are hot, hot, hot. From June to around August, maximum is about 15 degrees and the minimum is a rather chilly 7. Summers feature a very dry heat, spiking at the height of the season in the 40s.

Favourite Family Events in Adelaide

Dream Big Children’s FestivalWOMADelaideAdelaide FestivalChristmas PageantAdelaide Fringe Festival, and Barossa Vintage Festival, plus plenty of sporting events like the Adelaide 500Adelaide Motorsports Festival, watch an Adelaide Crows or Port Adelaide AFL game.

Images courtesy of Tourism Australia.
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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure statement