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Four-wheel driving to the end of the rainbow.

With the clear blue ocean on one side and Australia’s longest stretch of coloured-sand cliffs on the other, driving along the beach from Rainbow Beach to Double Island Point is an experience like no other.

The sheer natural beauty, the adventure, and pure relaxation this coastal headland offers, makes it top of our list to spend family time each year. Double Island Point the place where great memories are made.

After the short and stunning drive from Rainbow Beach, we find the perfect patch of sand at Double Island Point to park the 4WD for the day, and the boys jump out and run.

They run to investigate the thousands of tiny hermit crabs scurrying along the sand. They run to chase the birds which all take off at once and land nearby, only to do it again and again. They run into the clear blue water and splash around in delight.

Experience one of Australia’s best-kept secrets – Double Island Point

Experience one of Australia’s best-kept secrets – Double Island Point

This is boy paradise. Here they will stay, running in and out of the water, making sand castles, reading books, eating sandy sandwiches, and having the time of their lives.

Experience one of Australia’s best-kept secrets – Double Island Point 3

For us parents, this is our paradise. We’ve got the esky (ice box) fully stocked, an ocean full of crystal clear water, a view to die for, and the big boy has the fishing rods ready to go.

This is the place where we get to stop giving instructions all day long, except for the ground rules when we get there. This is where we don’t pay any attention to phones or the time, except to know when we need to leave, so as not to get cut off by the tide.

This is the place we get to truly relax and enjoy time as a family. This is the place where the outside world and all it’s pressures stop.

Australia Double Island Point Travels with Boys family travel beach paradise

If you are looking at getting out into deeper water, Double Island Point is teaming with marine life of every shape and size and is rated one of the top 10 dive spots in Australia. If you’re into surfing, it’s also an ideal place to catch a wave (so I’m told).

Epic Ocean Adventures have kayak tours to view dolphin pods, turtles, and whales when they are migrating. They also host learn to surf classes on what’s said to be Australia’s longest and safest beginner wave. Every year when we go to Rainbow Beach for a holiday, I tell myself I’m going kayaking or learning to surf, but I never get around to booking. I’ve got to make it happen!

If you don’t have a 4WD vehicle, don’t worry. You can hire one for a day, a week, whatever you like. We have rented through Rainbow Beach 4×4 Hire a few times and have been really impressed with the service. Carolyn and David are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They make it easy, and the vehicles are sturdy and reliable. Remember you’re driving a vehicle out onto the sand, so don’t expect leather seats and wood paneling!

Our best advice is choose your time to go carefully. We like it when it’s hot and not too busy and therefore can let the boys have freedom to do pretty well what they want. We usually go during the week in summer and make sure to avoid peak times like Christmas, Australia Day long weekend and Easter.

Things to know:

  • If you have young boys, you need to consider other cars driving on the beach. We try to pick a spot where cars won’t drive between our car and the water, therefore reducing the hazards.
  • The beach where you drive is classified as a road, so all road rules apply and Police do patrol the area.
  • Only four-wheel drive vehicles are allowed on the beach
  • To drive to Double Island Point, you will need to buy a vehicle permit for Cooloola Recreation Area from the Queensland Department of National Parks.
  • You can drive on the beach from Noosa North Shore to Rainbow Beach
  • It is essential you know the tide times and when you can drive on the beach. If you haven’t driven here before, talk to a local or someone in the know. Many an unwise driver has thought they can take on Mudlo Rocks near Rainbow Beach when it is only slightly underwater, only to find they get stuck and their car gets washed up by the incoming tide. If you don’t believe, take a look at the great photos on The Rock Report Rainbow Beach Facebook page.

Where to stay

Camping on Teewah Beach on the southern side Double Island Point is very popular and requires a permit. Book here through Queensland National Parks and Wildlife.

If you are looking for a little less sand in your bed and a little more comfort, then we recommend the following places to stay in Rainbow Beach.

Plantation Resort at Rainbow – check latest prices

Rainbow Sea Resort – check latest prices

Apartment Dee’s Retreat – check latest prices

Experience one of Australia’s best-kept secrets – Double Island Point

We hope you make it to Double Island Point one day soon and get to enjoy it as much as we do.


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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure statement